Performance goes beyond physical capabilities. SIO Academy’s unique Athletic & Personal Development (APD) program offers performance training in areas like leadership, vision training, nutrition, mental toughness and athletic body management. Developed over the course of 40 years by our team of innovative performance experts, our APD program promotes athletic progression, character development, and overall personal development. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential in sport and life, while preparing you to take on all of life’s challenges.

The Science Institute of Sports, aka, SIO Sports, is the most comprehensive and guaranteed athlete development system ever developed.

Every sport movement and action are never singular, in actuality, there are literally thousands of elements contributing not only to the action itself, but to its rhythm, balance, and timing which play a role into every movement. 

It has been the mentality of sport coaches and trainer to attack a player deficit from the angle of desired action.  For example, if a player is struggling at the plate, get a hitting coach to work with him.  What we have proven is that this correction is completely backwards to solving any action problem. We want to reverse engineer the problem and when we do, hitting mechanics is typically not the top deficit.

Problem solving in general must start with understanding all elements that are contributing to the problem.  In order to effectively do this, you must understand every possible variable, so you know where to look. Next, these elements must be categorized, and then mapped in a manner that puts them into a contribution order or as we refer to them as an order of largest deficit.

What we have discovered is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of elements and millions of combinations of contributing factors in desired athlete performance issues.

SIO Sports has begun the daunting task of mapping every single variable to every aspect of this game.

Here is how we are doing it.

SIO Sports believes that every athlete developmental success is a culmination of 12 integrated segments.

  • Personal Management
  • Educational
  • Phycology
  • Visual Processing
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Nutrition
  • Repetitious Training/Practice
  • Team Placement/Personal and Team Strategy
  • Injury Prevention/Recovery/rehabilitation
  • Athlete Transition (Recruitment/job placement/Professional representation)

The success of our system within each of the 12 segments is derived from the concept that all 12 segments adapt 6 integrate systems of management.

  • In-depth Assessment
  • Identification and categorizing of all Variables
  • Breakdown and mapping of all deficits
  • Planning in association with athlete goals
  • Executing corrective action of top three deficient within each segment
  • In-depth Re-Assessment-Repeat

The success is in how the six integrate systems actually work is that we have verified every possible variable within every segment and system, over 3 million to be exact. The real secret is that no personnel within any segment can make a plan without the input from every segment leader-42 in all.

 Let us share an axamples of what this could mean to your athlete.

Player A

2017 Season, Junior Short Stop

AB:54   Hit:322%   OBP:278%   W:9

-During a standard neurological exam, the first assessment was in relationship between rhythm, balance, and timing as they pertain to the various movements of play.

-Discovery was identified as a 6% differential in processing ability from previous assessment

-Re-assessment was referred to the visual field was made and through their assessment determined vestibular ocular reflex imbalances.

-Visual field test was referred and determined a damage in the optic nerve undetected from an injury years before.

-Aggressive vision therapy was referred and after three months the optic nerve was sending the appropriate signals to the cerebral cortex faster than ever before.

-This strengthened field of vison resulted in a difference in head angle needed to track the ball when batting.

-This desired angle was then factored into the bio-mechanical athlete model taking into account new rhythm, balance, and timing variables.

-An ideal bio-mechanical swing was introduced to the athlete and hitting coach

-an allotment of drills was systematically put in to place over four months of the following off season

-The following pre-season, a new neurological assessment identified only a 2.5% differential between vestibular ocular reflex deficits.


AB:61   Hit:392%   OBP: 412%   W:14

Many points to make:

  • Player never demonstrated any indication that any of the assessments made should have been made.
  • Athlete always focused all of his efforts on hitting mechanical how his coach(s) taught him
  • Athlete would never had changed his swing. Never would have any hitting coach ever consulted and managed 9 professionals in order to develop new hitting mechanics to something that did not appear broken.

We believe we can manufacture incredible athletes

Historically, scientist have looked at the human body mechanically. Prosthetics, eye models, facial recognition models, etc. Everything is a series of event, and although there are many factors besides mechanics, all our actions have a specific desired outcome-in a matter of fact, we view them as mechanical. We look at movement mechanically, but we leave out systematic voluntary and involuntary inputs that are not considered.

As I mentioned, we are in the process of mapping variables in all aspects of play.  I believe we can be instrumental in any of them regarding the team. Our offer is to participate in one individual small element, such as baserunning for example.  Working with your athletes allow us to map and track athletes at a higher and more consistent frame and it allows us to make a difference that will be tracked and exposed.  Our desire is to map and track your athletes so that we easily prove how our system has significant advantages and you and the players testimonial with help tells this story.

Baseball Philosophy

Team training at SIO offers teams the perfect opportunity to improve their performance and come together in a unique, ideal setting. We welcome teams in every sport, of any size, age and ability. Our proven training methods, experienced staff and world-class facilities make us the perfect training ground to get your team to the next level. 

What you need to know at SIO

Uses bio-mechanical assessments to score, track, and document success

Keeping The Dream Alive-No mater what sport you play, answer these questions.

Who do you know right now, who is concerned you accomplish your sports goals?

Does your current organization/coach even understand what your goals are this season and long-term?

Who is monitoring you during the season and off, to see if you are on track with your goals?

Is your coach trying to figure out how to fix the biggest deficits to your play right now? this week? or this month?

Sports Managers

At SIO sports, there are always project managers assigned to you and working on your goals everyday you train with us, this is all we do, this is how…


Player Management: SIO sports believes that in order to properly manage you as an athlete, an understanding of many things must be understood in hopes of success.

  • What are your goals this season and long term? The first thing our team will determine is exactly what are all of the known measurable needed to achieve your goals.
  • A complete assessment and scoring in areas that affect your ability to perform
  • We create a map of what it takes to get you there and manage you at every step of the way.


Player Development: Once we know where you are and where you want to be, many detailed plans are put into place to help you along the way.  Many state of the art tools and equipment are used by highly qualified project managers to diagnose in extreme detail all of the areas affecting your play.


We can find the perfect athlete in you: Traditionally, coaches and instructors teach you mechanics based on what they were taught or simply what they believe works.  In every sport, there are many ways to achieve the same action.  In baseball, there are hundreds approaching to swinging a bat, different gates and strides ratios for track and field athletes, and hundreds of ways to tackle an opponent on the football field.  No mate the sport, we can analyze you in such a way where we can offer solutions based on development surrounding your strengths and not to copy another athlete.