The 10U SIO baseball team. Here is where I will tell you about our team. And all the benefits of how we are better than the competition.

Inclusive of on-field baseball training, enhancement of playing time and experience through multiple teams, college recruitment exposure, and athletic growth from the strength and mental conditioning realms, the baseball academy molds student-athletes into the most sought-after athletes at college showcases and beyond.

10U Baseball Schedule

Fall Schedule


  • Individual evaluation and assessment
  • Arm strengthening program
  • Introduction of nutrition and mental training
  • Strength and conditioning: introductory and assessment phase


  • Establish working groups
  • Building of competitive team environment
  • Exposure to showcase and tournament circuit


  • Extensive small group and individual development
  • Breakdown and buildup of skill sets
  • Application of vision and mental training
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning, speed, arm strength

November - December

  • Individual development: 1 hour sessions, 4 days/week
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning, speed, arm strength
  • Maintain flexibility and athleticism
  • Alternative competitions

Spring Schedule


  • Individual/team drills and practice routines to prepare for FHSAA season
  • Extensive drill work covering team offensive and defensive fundamentals
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning


  • Scrimmages
  • Beginning of FHSAA competition
  • Identify roles within the team
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning

March - April

  • 25 game schedules
  • 2-3 tournaments (Varsity)
  • National exposure
  • Maintenance phase: strength and conditioning

April - May

  • Critical evaluation
  • Extensive individual development
  • 10+ games – Ascender series
  • Preparation for summer schedule