SIO Cross Country

SIO Cross Country is dedicated to not only helping you achieve your track & field goals for the upcoming season but to prepare you for your long-term baseball goals. We will accept virtually all players who desire to play at the highest level but you must commit to the training regiment we outline required to have the best chance to be successful.

There Are Three Ways to Get Involved as an Athlete with SIO Cross Country

  1. SIO Cross Country Academy
  2. Individual Training and Clinics
  3. Run for Team SIO
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Sample Cross Country Schedule

Fall Semester


  • Individual evaluation and assessment
  • Arm strengthening program
  • Introduction of nutrition and mental training
  • Strength and conditioning: introductory and assessment phase


  • Establish working groups
  • Building of competitive team environment
  • Exposure to showcase and tournament circuit


  • Extensive small group and individual development
  • Breakdown and buildup of skill sets
  • Application of vision and mental training
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning, speed, arm strength

November - December

  • Individual development: 1 hour sessions, 4 days/week
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning, speed, arm strength
  • Maintain flexibility and athleticism
  • Alternative competitions

Spring Semester


  • Individual/team drills and practice routines to prepare for FHSAA season
  • Extensive drill work covering team offensive and defensive fundamentals
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning


  • Scrimmages
  • Beginning of FHSAA competition
  • Identify roles within the team
  • Growth phase: strength and conditioning

March - April

  • 25 game schedules
  • 2-3 tournaments (Varsity)
  • National exposure
  • Maintenance phase: strength and conditioning

April - May

  • Critical evaluation
  • Extensive individual development
  • 10+ games – Ascender series
  • Preparation for summer schedule